Bezhanova Anna

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In 1998 graduated from the Yaroslav Mudryi National Law Academy of Ukraine, graduated from Law faculty with a degree in jurisprudence and was qualified as a Lawyer.

During 1998 - 2010 worked in the prosecutor's office of the Kharkov region.

In 2009 graduated from the National Technical University "Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute", got a complete higher education in the specialty "Pedagogy of Higher School", and was qualified - teacher in universities and higher educational  establishments.

On June 10, 2010 passed the qualification examination and gained the right to practice law.

Since November 2011 -  Managing  Director of  the "Kharkov Law  Company" LLC.

From September 1, 2013 was accepted to a teacher position in Kharkiv National   Automobile and Highway University.

Author of publications on legal topics, practicing lawyer.